Airport Extreme Harddisk ModAirPort Extreme Harddisk Modification Project

The specification of the old Airport Extreme Basestation has already outdated. We change it to a 1TB External Harddisk, backing up the Macs via TimeMachine.


Main Features:
Airport Extreme Harddisk Mod

1T Harddisk Inside -

A 5400 RPM Hitachi harddisk will be placed inside the Airport Extreme Basestation. The connection is via USB.

LED Light -

The LED in the middle will flash green upon operation.

Airport Extreme Harddisk Mod Flash Light


The price for this Onion harddisk is US$220.


Payment and Shipping:

We accept PayPal only. After confirming the order, we will send an invoice to customers. After receipt of payment we will start the work. The whole modification and testing works requires a period of about 2 weeks. We will ship the AirPort via EMS. EMS shipping is US$21 worldwide.



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