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Frequently Aasked Questions

  1. About Us - We are a small group of Mac enthusiastic that upgrade vintage Macs (Mainly 1999-2005) with newer Mac hardwares. We are not making Hackintosh.
  2. About Our Product - All modified Mac made by us are made-to-order and are limited in production.
  3. How to Make an Order? - We accept e-mail order only. After confirming the model to be modified, we will send our customer a PayPal invoice. We will commence the work immediately after clear of payment.
  4. Do Buyers require to ship their Macs? - In our warehouse there is a quantity of vintage Macs. So just in a very few occasions we need buyers to send theirs. 
  5. Payment - We accept PayPal only.
  6. How long will it takes to upgrade a Mac? - The Mac upgraded by us are made-to-order. We do not have any inventory for our products. It normally takes 10-12 weeks for the upgrade and testing to be implemented. 
  7. Delivery - We ship our Macs by DHL Express.
  8. About Warranty - All our products are covered by one year hardware warranty. After the first year of warranty, we offer free check up at any time. Product protection will be void if the Mac were tore-open by any means, however.
  9. Other Inquiries - For other inquiries, please send us an e-mail. We normally response in 2 working days.